Welcome to WINE OFFER. We have a huge selection of wines here and we have tried to present the wines in an easy way to help you choose. YOU CAN GO TO THE PRICE LIST LINK AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE OR IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR USE THE SEARCH BOX .

You can use the search box to find anything; i.e.a particular wine or grape or producer


We have tried to give a description of all the wines that we offer-these are descriptions from the wine maker or our own experience of tasting the wines. We have tried to impart a degree of common sense to avoid the situation that we had at a wine tasting when the owner of a Californian vineyard, who was previously a banker, told everyone that he was trying to make his wines like Chateau Leoville Las Cases. This was fine for those who had tasted the great wine but needed a little more down to earth description which everyone could understand.

If you are daunted by the choice then we are ready to give you some guidance so please ask us and state your needs and we are happy to give you our best attention. You can email us at

We are not a multi national company and we have experience across the taste buds so please don't hesitate to ask us. Ralph Godwin (director).